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About Gary

DPI Digital Post, Inc. is a video production company that designs powerful, affordable video-marketing tools for a wide variety of business professionals. The key to our success is our popular video editing style. Once a prospective client sees your video they don't forget you. And now that we bring our winning production style to the Internet dating industry, people won't forget you either!

Gary Smith, the President of Digital Post, Inc. and developer of Your Video Commercial, one of our most popular marketing tools for speaking professionals, is a Maryland native who spent many years in the television commercial industry in the East and the motion picture industry in Los Angeles with credit highlights such as "Star Wars" and receiving an Emmy nomination for his editorial work on the Herman Wouk miniseries, "The Winds Of War." After tens of thousands of hours in the often grueling editing rooms, after exposure to the work of hundreds of directors, producers, editors and cinematographers, he knows what good editing can accomplish and he knows how to accomplish it.

Since moving back East, Gary has dedicated himself to creating irresistible and breathtaking video beyond what is generally available outside of the Hollywood film making community. And now he is bringing his experience, enthusiasm and creativity to the Internet dating Industry to supercharge your Internet dating web site page with your very own personal online dating video. My Dating Video brings to your matchmaking effort the benefit of a lifetime of training in how to best tell your story - in your very own one-minute online dating commercial - in the most cost-effective way possible.

Everyone likes to be with people that they know personally and with whom they feel comfortable. Let Gary Smith supercharge your Internet dating site with a video communications tool that gives people a warm, personal and honest experience of you. Once visitors to your online dating web site see your video and are drawn toward you, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

If a picture's worth a thousand words, what's a one-minute professionally edited online dating video worth?!

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