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Once your order has been received, we will supply you with a list of Internet dating video recording ideas that anyone can use. Using this easy to follow common sense format you will have a friend, family member, etc. record 10-15 minutes of yourself in various locations doing what you normally do from day to day. It’s that simple!

You can shoot in any video recording format that is available to you. When done, mail a DVD or any format video tape, except Beta, to us and we'll begin the editing process. You can even save time and money by sending your recorded online dating video material to us thru the Internet using our “Drop Box” feature. (Our Drop Box is located on the Thank You page which you’ll receive after placing your online dating video order.) It should take between one and three weeks for us to complete your Internet dating video, depending on our schedule.

If you elect to mail your online dating video material to us, the price for your video is $199. If you choose to use our Drop Box function, your Internet dating video will be only $149. The Drop Box option is perfect for those using web enabled PDA’s and cell phones that shoot video at 30 frames per second (The standard for video.) as you can send video right from your phone or device. For those shooting with a video camera onto a mini disk, hard drive, video tape or other format video camera, you can also use our Drop Box function by first transferring your video to your computer. Then, using our Drop Box function located on your Thank You page, browse your computer and select the file with your online dating video material. Using our Drop Box is easy, cost effective and shortens the time it will take for you to start your online dating video working for you.

When the editing is done, we will send your completed Internet dating video to you using our Drop Box, no matter which option you chose to send your recorded online dating video material to us. You can then put your Internet dating video on YouTube, My Space, Facebook or the Internet web site of your choice for immediate viewing. Your prospective Internet dating matches can be guided to see your Internet dating video in one of the three following ways:

  1. Mention in your description of yourself or somewhere else on your current online dating web site that you have an Internet dating video about yourself that can be seen on the Internet. Inform the visitor to your Internet dating web site that when they contact you, you will return email your online dating video link to them so that they can see your video right on the Internet.

  2. An alternate approach is to include the link to your online dating video right in your description of yourself, or in some other appropriate place, and invite the visitor to your Internet dating service site to copy the link and paste it into their browser. They can immediately begin viewing your Internet dating video. Some online dating services don't allow members to include links to other locations, so you may have to get permission to do this or use option #1 above. Digital Post, Inc. and My Dating Video will always perform with the highest integrity, so it is possible that your Internet dating site will make an exception for your online video if, in fact, they don't already allow their members to include links to other sites.

  3. For those of you who are members of Internet dating sites that will allow you to paste hyperlink text on your Internet dating site page, place a line of text that says “see My Dating Video” (We’d love the promotion!) and hyperlink it directly to your online dating video on YouTube, Facebook, My Space or wherever, and visitors to your Internet dating site will immediately be able to view your online dating video.

There are many Internet dating services that are in various stages of development with a wide range of rules and regulations that change from time to time. No matter which Internet dating service you are registered with, one of the above three options will work for you.

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